Ruins of Sanctuary


I was trying to make an epic scene with titans and shit, but got frustrated so I did this instead

Wow, I like this!! Awesome!! Great job



I was trying to make an epic scene with titans and shit, but got frustrated so I did this instead

Wow, I like this!! Awesome!! Great job

Reblog if I’m allowed to send you in character asks even if we have never talked before.



This 100% true 100% of the time.

Well I just dumped about six gallons of poetry and feelings onto this blog. 

I gonna need about three centuries and 15 hours of straight pug cuddling to recover. 

Partition (Part 4)

I have given up the chase
I will never leave
It’s just too vast
Maybe it’s a curse
An empty wile
The cold feet on my chest
Feel warm now
And all I can see
This place is cold
So cold
And I’ve frozen over a million times
Again and again
I feel eons old
But I’m only centuries in
This place won’t change
This place beats with my
Tripartite pulse
Two pairs of eyes
Across three bodies
One mouth pours magma
The other
Can’t speak at all
The last
Is full of words
That are not its own
What am I?…

…What are we?

The feet on my chest are no longer claws
They are paws
I feel them
Pushing down
On marble as thick as
The fluid between
What’s left of my brain
And the diamond-hard skull
That has grown inside me
There is no God anymore
We killed him long ago
We can hear each other speak
But no one says a word
Everything is silent
The symphony is gone
And we just stare
Stare at nothing
Nothing but the canvas we’ve painted

What are we?
Where will we go from here?
I ask no more questions
The answers must be in here.


Final part of a four part poem. 

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Inspired by this

Partition (Part 3)

I shouldn’t have to think
About walking
But I have to now
Between the where
And why
All I feel is
Something between
And love
The chains are younger
Younger than I am
I was something before
What will I be

The answer still eludes
The pain is immense
But I don’t feel a thing
I lost my jaw
An hour ago
A minute ago
The walls are black
And I swear I see white
I smile
No teeth left
Let it in.

I feel infinite
But no one’s here
No one’s here at all.

Part 3 of a four part poem.

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Inspired by this.

Partition (Part 2)

I don’t need my eyes to be open

To see everything

I feel it

A pulse in the back of my skull

Echoing in the empty air

The cages


And footfalls

Would crush my bones

If I had any left

Let it seep out

Make the functions begin

Circuitry fritzes out under

Thick black


I don’t want the answer yet

Let me breathe. 

Part 2 of a four part poem.

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Part 3

Part 4

Inspired by this

Partition (Part 1)

When did I start

Making things like this

So heavy

So thick with

Bile and blackness

And make everything connected

I am not but a system of interlocking synapses




When did it start to hurt

Why did I throw that weight out the window

Not knowing it was strapped to my leg

When did I hit the ground

How long was I out?

When did these streets become my home

Who am I

Who am I


What did I do?

This wasn’t about you

It was never about you

Those things they called

Those things I could touch

Let bleed out of my fingertips

Never touch

But get close enough for all



When did my body start feeling like a husk

Too small for me

Too big for her

Who and what are we

Am I

Our skin is full of thick liqueur

Of something vile to the taste

Yet sweet in smell

When did my cells

Start to get filled in with concrete


I am so cold


And I’m not even born

What are

Those things

Coming out of my sides

The blood is dripping

But I’m not screaming

When did it start

Why God


I don’t want an answer

Not yet

The city shakes

And I stop breathing

Let me be stone

Let me be immovable

If only for a few minutes.

Part one of a four part poem:

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Part 4

Inspired by this




We go forward.

omg this is sad